About Us

About Our Team

PopStops Marketing, Inc. (PMI) is a US-based manufacturer and developer of innovative new products for use within family garages designed for stopping cars and for displaying custom messages. Our management team has a combined 50 plus years of experience in engineering, software development, commercial printing, and design.

It’s All in the Name

From its inception, the PopStops® garage stops primary function was to “Stop” your vehicle in your garage in a simple yet effective way. Having the ability to customize graphics that homeowners could easily change out themselves and personalize was what really set this product apart.

The “POP” came soon after when the PMI team quickly realized that there was more to this product. The very nature of how a PopStops® was engineered would allow the garage stop to transform into a point of purchase display instantly.

Having the flexibility of taking a product from your home garage to a trade show floor or to use while “tailgating” for your favorite sports team, is how PopStops® was born.