PopStops Marketing Introduces "PopStops for Pets!"

PopStops Marketing Introduces "PopStops for Pets!"

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PopStops® Marketing Introduces PopStops for Pets®!


St. Petersburg, FL. – PopStops Marketing, Inc. (PopStops®) announced it has recently filed a new patent application for its latest advertising system called PopStops for Pets® which is targeted to reach the widest audience yet for a market that is more “pet” friendly than ever!

More venues than ever have become accustomed to pets in the workplace, marketplace and other areas outside the home. PopStops® recognized that retailers, restaurateurs, and other business owners want to attract attention to their message with their customers and their customers’ best friends!

The messaging capability of the PopStops® 12” unit was a natural fit to attach a specially-fabricated unit to house a food or water bowl for pets.  The bowl allows the animals to enjoy a fresh sip of water, or food, while their owner gets to enjoy a message from their local provisionary.

"Speaking to owners and their pets is just a natural," explains Scott Fenimore, President of PopStops Marketing. “I had a dog from the time I was in elementary school through high school.  This would have made complete sense to me had this been in place back then.  Now, all kinds of retailers, restaurants, and virtually any business that greets customers can have a welcoming message at their doorstep that includes man’s best friends!"

For advertisers looking for a unique and affordable new way to reach target markets, look no further.  PopStops for Pets® is portable and can be moved to various locations and secured by ownership or management every day, as needed, by simply picking it up and taking it inside.  Therefore, there are many ways this product can be used “indoors and/or outdoors.”  Best of all, it creates a “welcoming and friendly environment for your customers.”

About PopStops Marketing, Inc.:

PopStops Marketing, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer and developer of innovative new products for use within family garages designed for stopping cars and for displaying custom messages and creating new and innovative advertising opportunities. Our management team has a combined fifty plus years of experience in engineering, software development, commercial printing, and design. From its inception, the PopStops® garage stops primary function was to “Stop” a vehicle in a garage in a simple, effective way.

Having the ability to customize graphics that homeowners could easily change out and personalize, was what really set this product apart.  The “POP” came soon after when the PopStops® team quickly realized that there was more to this product. The very nature of how a PopStops® was engineered enabled a garage stop to be instantly transformed into a “point of purchase” display. Having the flexibility of taking a product from a home garage to a showroom or tradeshow floor, or to use it while “tailgating” for a favorite sports team, is how PopStops® was born.

PopStops for Pets® is just one more example of the versatility of the PopStops® product line.  For more information, call 800-209-4571 or visit www.popstops.com.

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