Live Life in the Blind / You're Back Combo Set (MOP - 18")


This licensed Mossy Oak Properties Combo Set includes the Graphic Insert and a PopStops® 18" Garage Stop, our most popular size!

The artwork messages are:

Back Side:  (Blades) LIVE LIFE IN THE BLIND

Parking Side:  (Blades) YOU'RE BACK

Mossy Oak is first and foremost a camouflage brand and our core consumer is the group of hunters who share a common primary need for concealment as a prerequisite to a successful hunt and who view camouflage as a fashion statement that communicates to their peers that they are dedicated hunters who live an outdoor lifestyle. MOSSY OAK PROPERTIES. AMERICA'S LAND SPECIALIST!

PopStops® are used inside residential garages only as a guide for parking.  Always use caution when parking a vehicle.

What started with a fist full of dirt in 1986 has become a cultural phenomenon that has revolutionized the outdoor industry. In just 20 years, Mossy Oak has grown to encompass a wide array of camouflage patterns, licensed products, and related enterprises. The result has been a bond forged with outdoor consumers that is derived not only from the performance and effectiveness of Mossy Oak products, but from the shared philosophies, overall satisfaction, and value they see in the Mossy Oak brand.

Official Licensed Product of Haas Outdoors, Inc., West Point, MS 39773. Distributed by PopStops Marketing, Inc.
Mossy Oak is a trademark used under license from Haas Outdoors, lnc., by PopStops Marketing, Inc.