Corporate Gifts & Awards

PopStops®, “It’s the gift you see every day that you never throw away!” Now that really says it all when it comes to Corporate Gifts & Awards. Traditional corporate gifts like squeeze balls, pens, jump drives, and coolers are great but don’t really have a daily impact. Now a PopStops® that you see on average 700 times a year does, that’s impact! There is nothing more personal than welcoming someone home each day with a customized message made specifically for him or her. Add your logo to our product and your brand is recognized each day as well.

If you ever found yourself looking for that perfect gift that no one has ever seen before, then PopStops® is the answer. Come up with fun sayings that relate to your business, add a picture from a corporate retreat, use as a creative way to literally get in front of your client every day, and a PopStops® does it all.

These days awards are all the same. Trophy’s, plaques, medal’s, they sit in a drawer and blend in with the rest. PopStops® on the other hand can be used daily and if they are sitting on a shelf, they are a conversation piece. Use a PopStops® for the best in show award at your local classic car event, let Big Jim feel good about winning that BBQ championships, or for the student that just got his pilots license, the PopStops® 12” wheel chock becomes symbolic of their first flight and graduating. With 3 different sizes at 12”, 18” and 36”, only your imagination will limit a PopStops® can be used.

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3 Item(s)