Sometimes reaching out to friends and family in unique circumstances is hard.  Remembering that loved one and their face and their favorite story or saying keeps their vision and memory alive.

Gravestones aren’t always readily available on a timely basis.  Plus, they don’t provide a personal touch for those trying to remember those just passed.

With the customization of a special color graphic and the convenience of a placement of a PopStops® in the right location, a special memory can be provided at just the right moment for those in a great time of need.

Honor those veterans and service members with their proper rank and notice of their dedication to their country.

Timeliness is sometimes as important as anything else.  No one plans for these things to happen.  They just do. 

Rarely does anyone have time to plan ahead for events of this nature.

Therefore, having the ability to quickly create a personalized memory of those just passing is a very powerful tool.  Your funeral home or cemetery provider can assist you with just this kind of personalize service.

If they aren’t offering this service yet, ask them about it and how they should be.  Have them contact PopStops® today.

While the 36” Garage Stop is ideal for gravesides and funeral memorial services, the 12” Wheel Chock is ideal for family members to take home with them and remember their Aunt, father or other loved one as often as they need to get past the healing process.  Never forget them with their proper image and personalized message in their honor with a PopStops® Memorial.

Memorial Products

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3 Item(s)