PopStops® are a new and innovative parking aid for your home garage. With a PopStop, you'll have the perfect way to stop your vehicles and enjoy a graphic message over and over!

Simply put, they're the best garage parking aid available. You'll find the same spot in your garage each and every time you park. What's more? PopStops feature high quality graphics printed with advanced UV inks. That means your graphic inserts are photo-quality and made to last! PopStop inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene and perfect for demanding garage environments.

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Add a personal creative touch and we'll make a custom PopStop especially for you.

It's easy to change your graphic inserts on both sides of your PopStop. Feature just the right message at the right time. If it's football season, root for your team! Come home to a warm friendly greeting welcoming you home after a hard day at work. Or send that special someone in your life a personalized message to really show you care!

  • Easy-to-change graphics
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Custom & personalized graphics
  • Requires no permanent attachment
  • No sticky adhesive to ruin your floor
  • Park in the right place every time
  • A tennis ball won't stop your car
  • It's peace of mind when you park
Busted Knuckle Garage 18"

Stop Your Vehicle

PopStops® are designed to stop your car, your golf cart, motorcyle, trailer and more every time, right where you want. Better yet, this patented garage stop allows you to have the perfect message on each side just for you! You'll be parking accurately by just sitting it down where you want. No installation required! 

Army 36" Colonel Jones

Customize Your PopStops®

Customize PopStops® to display your message and make it uniquely yours. Personalize one of our Licensed Graphics (above) or one of our stock graphic designs. Create your own customized designs and we'll print them just for you!

Honor Flight - Mission 36

Support Your Favorite Team or Charity

Recognition PopStops® can be very tailored for their messaging. Replace those dust-collecting trophies and speak to sports fanatics and charitible organizations! PopStops® make for a terrific fundraising tool.

J.P. Larkin - WIX Filters

Awards and Recognition

Customize a PopStops® to award that special person or team with a unique trophy that will always be remembered! Put their name on it for that special, personalized touch!