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Use PopStops to Market Your Business

It’s not often that brands have the opportunity to be in front of their customers every day. PopStops® allows brands to remain top of mind, 24/7 with our white label program. With the average vehicle pulling into a garage 700 times a year*, those brand impressions cost you on average, $0.13 per impression. Now that’s effective marketing!

Car Dealers / Auto Groups

Let’s face it, car dealers are in the business of selling cars and we’re in the business of protecting cars. We all know that most newer vehicles come equipped with a camera or a sensor to let a driver know when they are about to hit something. So, what do you do when you have a tight fit in a garage? That’s where a PopStops® comes in. Not only does a PopStops® protect your customers vehicle, it also allows a car dealer to market their dealership after the sale.

Garage Makeover Companies

Since garage makeover companies are already in the garage and selling accessories, PopStops® makes an incredible addition to that line up. Better yet, PopStops® doesn’t have to be permanently attached to the concrete to stop a vehicle. Besides, why would you want to ruin the new floor you just installed? PopStops® is the ultimate solution to protect your client’s investment, like the cabinets you just installed.

Real Estate Agents / Developers

What do homeowners traditionally receive after the buy a new home? Typically, it’s a doormat that goes in the garbage or a wine and cheese basket that is lucky to last a week. A home is the most expensive purchase a person will ever make, so why not leave a lasting impression that reminds a homeowner about their new home? If you’re an agent, your name is in front of them should they want to sell their home. If you are a developer, what a great way to welcome someone to your development and give them a sense of community.

Car Enthusiast Groups

We already know from our sales of Shelby PopStops® , that car enthusiasts love their cars and love anything that has to do with that particular brand. Car enthusiasts could be anything from your local Corvette car club, vehicle auctions, car collectors, or the many types of racing from stock cars to off-road racing. If you are a car enthusiast, then a PopStops® is a perfect way to show your pride and love for what gets you revved up!

Home Services Companies

In a lot of homes, you’ll find items in the garage that are at risk of being hit by a vehicle. A fridge, an air handler, a hot water tank, a washer and dryer, water softeners, and more. In most cases there is hardly enough room to pull a vehicle in without hitting one of these items. A patented PopStops® garage stop is an affordable product, designed to stop this from happening. In some industries like HVAC, manufacturers will co-op the cost of the PopStops® products (in many cases by up to 50%), driving your costs down even further. Even though the costs of the products you sell to customers may range from $5000 to $15,000, this is a very cost-effective way to market your brand, and that of your manufacturer, to your customers.

Garage Condos

For the longest time, self-storage was the thing. If you have a car collection and want the ultimate man cave, garage condos are the ticket. Most units come as shells, and it is up to the garage owner to finish the interior. With most garage condo developments, these turn into an instant community. What a great way for developers to say thanks to their customers with their own PopStops® with the name of your development, the customer’s name, and their garage number. And, what a great product to add in your pro shop for sale. Because who buys a garage condo to store one car?

RV Dealers

So how do you effectively back in an RV or trailer without hitting a wall? Some newer RV’s and trailers may come equipped with a camera or a sensor to let a driver know when they are about to hit something, but even then, it’s sometimes too late. Not only does a PopStops® protect your customers RV or trailer, it also allows a dealer to market their dealership and their manufacturer’s brands, after the sale. Co-op advertising works in a wide range of industries!

Insurance Companies

Your very existence is to assess risk, so why not add a little insurance on your end, while you extend your brand? Insurance companies insure anything and everything of value. With many of these items located in a garage, a PopStops® is a perfect way to protect these items. A very common accident is a homeowner driving into a wall accidentally. That damage to the vehicle alone can easily cost $1500 or more! And, that’s before you even fix the wall, much less the bumper! It’s simple, think of a PopStops® as cheap insurance. Providing a patented PopStops® garage stop beforehand is far cheaper than paying damage claims down the road!

*DISCLAIMER: Impression calculations are estimated based on a vehicle entering a garage an average of 2 times per day annually.