Displays & Events

When it comes to Point of Purchase marketing, you can’t beat the portability and flexibility of a PopStops® product.  This where the 12” Wheel Chock product (POP7512) really shines, particularly in retail store environments.  Easy to lift and move, but stout enough so that they don’t tip over or go anywhere if a customer or child would touch them.

PopStops® provide you with easy to change graphics and the ability to quickly change the messages for new “Sales” campaigns, new product offerings or specials.  These units last for years and years and look sharp.  Lead your customer’s eyes to your story right at the Point of Sale with the right message with the “Power of a PopStops®.”

Use the wider versions of the PopStops® Garage Stops units for larger retail settings, trade shows and outdoor displays.  Charity Golf Tournaments are a natural for customized messaging and the displaying of local and national tournament sponsors on each hole!

Funeral Homes and Cemeteries create a unique environment where remembering that special person takes on new dimensions where friends and family members can actually visualize and see the person and their specially tailored messages.  (Show Gary and Aunt Barbara samples).  The larger 18” and 36” units (POP7518 and POP7536) are ideal for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries while the 12” unit is the ideal size for family members to take home as a personal keepsake for their loved one.