My Tools, My Rules (12")

Garage Stop Combo

(everything included)

Graphic Set Only

(garage stop not included)

Declare your space to be your zone and keep others out of your tool set! 

If they are going to borrow your tools, then remember you set the rules! 

Back Side:       MY TOOLS / MY RULES
(Wrench, nuts and bolts)

Parking Side:  MY GARAGE
(Nuts and Bolts in grayscale)

PopStops® feature high quality graphic inserts with environmentally friendly inks. That means your graphic inserts are photo-quality and made to last!  PopStops® inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene and perfect for demanding garage environments.

It’s easy to change the graphic inserts on both sides of your PopStop®.  Feature just the right message at the right time of year. Your choice!