Stop Your car

Stop Your car

Our PopStops® Garage Stops are a patented vehicle-stopping system for your home garage and the first of its kind. PopStops® are the perfect solution to help you park your car in your garage without the worry of damaging your car or home and delivering a personalized message all in one product.

Gone are the days of using the unsightly tennis ball and a string or cheap rubber car stops. PopStops® look great, are portable, easy to install, require no permanent attachment, and most importantly, give you a great sense of comfort each time you park your vehicle.

Installing your PopStops® is a breeze with our easy to follow instructions. Best of all, you’re parking accurately in just a matter of minutes. Want to move your PopStops® to clean the garage or allow your kids to play? No problem with the PopStops® accuracy floor decal. This will allow you to place your PopStops® in the perfect spot without having to determine the right location each time you move it. It works on almost all garage surfaces without any damage to the floor.

The real magic of a PopStops® Garage Stop is that you can easily change the graphics inserts on both sides to feature just the right message at any time of year. If it's football season, root for your team! Or, come home to a warm friendly greeting welcoming you home after a hard day at work. Or, better yet, send that special someone in your life a personalized message to that really shows you care!

Our tagline, "Stop Your Car, Display Your Message!" means exactly that. There is no limit to how many messages you can display on your PopStops® and your only limitation is your imagination.

  • Portable and easy to install
  • No permanent attachment required
  • Replaces all rubber car stops and hanging tennis balls
  • Personalized and Customized Graphics