PopStops for Pets

Universal Sidewalk Advertising System

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PopStops® for Pets is the latest innovation for sidewalk advertising and viral marketing. Across America, more and more cities are becoming pet friendly. Even in major cities, you can't walk down the sidewalk without seeing a water bowl on every block. So why not capitalize on that paw traffic? Even if someone doesn't have a pet, they can't miss PopStops® for Pets!

The sleek design allows for a minimal footprint while maximizing visual impact.

Use PopStops® for Pets as a way to drive traffic into your location, a fun social media campaign, or turn it into a profit center by advertising for other brands.

The Power of PopStops® for Pets

  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Use Co-Op advertising dollars
  • Attract customers without a pet
  • Custom designs & personalization
  • Inexpensive advertising opportunity
  • Print subscriptions available
PopStops® for Pets Uses
  • Retail advertising
  • Events & tradeshows
  • Real estate & developments
  • Hospitality industry
  • Promotional products & giveaways