PopStops Signs Agreement with Signarama Stores

Jun 1, 2018

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Contact: Matt Stutsman
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Bradenton, FL. – PopStops Marketing, Inc., the exclusive national marketing firm for the patented PopStops® Garage Stop, announced today an agreement with Signarama. Part of United Franchise Group, Signarama is the largest sign franchise retailer in the world.

Completely unique in the nature of its PopStops® products for residential garages, PopStops® Garage Stops are designed to stop a homeowner’s vehicle and, at the same time, allow for highly tailored and customized messages all while creating a sense of comfort and calm while parking your car at home. Signarama recognized PopStops’ high quality line of products, all of which are manufactured in, and proudly display, a Made in USA label.

“With more than 950 retail store locations throughout the world, Signarama is an ideal retail partner for our organization. This relationship will allow us to make our products available to a wide range of consumers, realtors, fast food restaurants, auto dealerships, and others who will find the new patented system ideal for marketing their own goods and services,” says Scott Fenimore, President of PopStops Marketing. “Each Signarama store location employs experienced sign professionals who understand customers’ needs in printing and graphic design, which is perfect for customizing this exciting new product.”

PopStops Marketing and Signarama will immediately begin to introduce the various sized patented PopStops® Garage Stops to its Franchisees. PopStops are currently available in 12″18”, 36” and 72” widths.

“The depth of marketing opportunities these products bring to the table is very exciting. We are looking forward to exploring all of them as well as training our franchisees on how to position and promote the products in the marketplace to keep Signarama in the forefront of our industry,” says Dan Hofelich, Director of Vendor Relations for Signarama.

The primary focus of PopStops® is on the untapped global market of consumers with car garages. The secondary target is the major Point of Purchase market in which Signarama will be able to lead so well.

The reason for the company’s name PopStops is that the first three letters (POP) represents the firm’s other powerful use of this product, which is Point of Purchase display advertising. This represents one of the most compelling and focused point of purchase advertising products to arrive in years. They are even used as the base of our patent pending ACM Display Systems for retail and automotive showrooms that feature a 15” high resolution monitor connected via WIFI with pegs for holding graphics for sale.

PopStops® is actively working on agreements with several major licensing organizations that will make it very attractive for Signarama locations to be able to deliver high quality, very visible brands to their consumers for their garages and use with their PopStops® products. Says Fenimore, “Every consumer has a passion about something, be it an affiliation, a school, the military, a favorite sports team, their favorite charity, it’s something. PopStops allows you bring that message home to you every night and even personalize it with your name on it!”

About PopStops Marketing, Inc.:

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, PopStops Marketing, Inc. has revolutionized the home consumer market and the Point of Purchase advertising industry by changing the way that advertisers reach consumers with the patented PopStops® Advertising System. Using PopStops® unique patented car stopping technology, consumers can easily pick up and move their PopStops from their garage to their tailgate to a tradeshow in a matter of minutes. Easy to change graphics make PopStops one of the most flexible advertising products ever designed for Point of Purchase marketing.

Information on PopStops is available at 800-209-4571 or www.popstops.com.

About Signarama:

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, Signarama uses cutting-edge industry software programs to provide a full range of comprehensive sign and graphic services to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. The company is part of the United Franchise Group, a company that specializes in franchise development and ser-vices.

Information on Signarama is available at 561-640-5570 or www.signarama.com.

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