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  • PopStops® Signs Licensing Agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., an Iconic Automotive Manufacturer Featured in the Upcoming Movie Ford v Ferrari.

PopStops® Signs Licensing Agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., an Iconic Automotive Manufacturer Featured in the Upcoming Movie Ford v Ferrari.

Nov 13, 2019

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Contact: Brent Gardner
[email protected]

PopStops® knows the thrill of having a Grand Prix in their backyard!

Saint Petersburg, FL – Local company, PopStops Marketing Inc. (PopStops®) is excited to announce a three year licensing agreement between Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. and PopStops Marketing, Inc. This agreement gives PopStops® the ability to manufacture and sell inventory with Shelby licensed graphics. The timing couldn’t be more ideal with the pending release of the new movie Ford v Ferrari on Friday, November 15th.

The Ford v Ferrari movie is based on actual events focused on the extreme rivalry between the Ford Motor Company and Ferrari during the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

A PopStops® is a patented garage stop that not only stops your car, but also displays a graphic message, that can also be personalized. PopStops® are built to last a lifetime and are proudly made in the USA. PopStops® are available online at www.popstops.com. They are available in multiple sizes. A combo set pricing for a 12″ wide unit, which includes the garage stop and Shelby licensed graphic, starts at $149.90.

“For car enthusiasts, the Shelby brand has a special meaning to a lot of people. That’s why it was one of the top licenses we sought out for 2019. PopStops® is about passion and those things that people are enthusiastic about,” says President, Scott Fenimore. “Cars and car brands have a very loyal following. Having been to the American Shelby Museum and plant in Las Vegas, you can see why Shelby licensing brings out that passion in people!”

Not only is this movie about the historic Le Mans race, but for PopStops Marketing Director of Business Development, Brent Gardner this is personal.

“I am pleased to add Shelby to the growing list of our licensed brands. Carroll Shelby is a visionary with outstanding talents for both his successful company and development of his car designs. For me, this is one of the big highlights of my year. My father, Charles, not only developed some of the tires for the Ford cars, but he also was on the crew of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, who won this historic 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race,” says Gardner.

PopStops’ home-town of St. Petersburg, FL hosts the first Indy Car Grand Prix race of the season in March every year. PopStops® has several upcoming events where the official Shelby products will be showcased along with other licensed products. Visit our website for the latest events and our full range of merchandise.

About PopStops Marketing, Inc. (PopStops®)
PopStops® is a local St. Petersburg company that manufactures and develops the innovative patented garage stop. This product not only stops your car but displays a graphic message that can also be personalized. PopStops® passion for vehicles and licensing iconic brands makes this company unstoppable.

For more information on the Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. and PopStops® partnership, please visit us at: https://www.popstops.com/graphic-inserts/licensed-graphics/shelby-cobra.

For more PopStops® information, please visit us at: www.popstops.com or e-mail us at [email protected].

About Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. (Shelby®)
Shelby Licensing is based in Gardena, CA where they handle all worldwide licensing of their brands. Shelby American is based in Las Vegas, NV. For more Shelby® information, please visit them at: http://www.shelby.com/index.asp?topic=CSL.