POP Displays

When it comes to Point of Purchase displays, you can’t beat the portability and versatility of a PopStops® product. PopStops® are easy to move, yet stout enough so that they won’t tip over if a customer or child were to touch them. If you are looking for a low profile, sleek, and innovative way to display your message, then our PopStops® standard POP displays are the answer. PopStops® come in a variety of sizes, 12”, 18”, 36” and 72”, making it a perfect fit for most situations.

Use our displays for events, retail, boat or car dealerships, memorials, gifts and more. When it comes to the versatility of a product that can be used indoors or outdoors, that’s the Power of a PopStops®. To learn more about the many ways this product can be used, check out the categories below.

Uses For Our Displays

Corporate Gifts & Awards

If you ever found yourself looking for that perfect gift that no one has ever seen before, then PopStops® is the answer. Come up with fun sayings that relate to your business, add a picture from a corporate retreat, use as a creative way to literally get in front of your client every day, and a PopStops® does it all.


Our displays are perfect for communication with your customers and telling them about your services. Sales, promotions or to simply gain attention, a PopStops® display does it all.

Events & Trade Shows

PopStops® are a perfect way to display any number of messages at your event from coop sponsors, product information, your company information, and more.


PopStops® displays memorialize your loved ones graveside, pets or even special family events. Use our displays as a temporary head stone or a keepsake of the fallen soldier.


Whether you’re a vehicle dealer, a realtor, or mobile with a trailer, we have a solution for you. PopStops® Garage Stops and Wheel Chocks are a great way to advertise your business and elevate your branding.

Car Shows

PopStops® wheel chocks and garage stops are perfect for car shows, and giving your car a little extra branding.

Do you need to add the matching PopStop Garage Stop?

($110 per garage stop)