(P4P) Are you Fursty? HAVE A DRINK ON US – Combo Set (Double Mounts) (B/G)

This combo set includes double mounted bowls for a 12″ PopStops® for Pets unit and the Graphic Insert.

The Graphic Insert messages are:

Large Panel: ARE YOU FURSTY? – Have a Drink on Us
(Light blue letters on green background – black letters on light blue horizontal stripe)

(Black letters on green background)

This 12″ wide PopStops® for Pets unit is a great way to drive traffic into your bar, restaurant, office or store location. Our Pet Friendly Sidewalk Advertising system can turn into your new profit center by advertising your own products or services. Or, you may want to offer this unique space to other companies and brands.

This unit includes both the right side and left side mounts. Therefore, if your location gets particularly heavier animal traffic, having two water bowls allows for multiple animals to be drinking at the same time and keeps you from having to refill the water bowls as often!

The large panel for display purposes is ideal for eye catching messages that allow you to engage people as they walk by, whether they have a pet or not.  Of course, if they do, while the animal is catching a nice sip of fresh water, there is no way anyone can’t look down and read your message!  It’s impossible!

Best of all, if you have daily specials or offers that you want to promote, this panel can be changed in ten seconds or less!  We offer special subscription-based plans that will allow you to update your graphic inserts and keep your messages fresh and current on virtually any type of schedule you can imagine!

PopStops® for Pets is the latest innovation in "sidewalk" advertising. With a growing trend across America, more cities are becoming pet-friendly and open to pets being in the public and not just in parks. In most major cities today, you can’t walk down the sidewalk without seeing a watering bowl.

Tell your customers that you too are "Pet Friendly" with a PopStops® for Pets!

Optional subscription printing schedules can include "customized" graphic inserts that can be changed:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

Plus, we can even devise a custom printing schedule unique just to your business needs and specific times of the year.  

We offer full color, photo quality graphics that showcase your logo, your product's logo and much more.  Whether you want your graphics to be professional or add a little humor, you're in control of communicating with your customers! With PopStops® for Pets, you're only limitation is your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

If you would like like to discuss a custom print subscription, click Contact Us and let us know what you specifically have in mind and one of our professional advisors will get right back to you to work out a plan to meet your needs!  Or, call us at  800-209-4571 x. 703 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.  If our agents are tied up, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you need to add the matching PopStop Garage Stop?

($110 per garage stop)