Signarama 4 Page Brochures (PopStops Garage Stops)

Our patented PopStops® Garage Stops are new and innovative parking aids for your home garage.  With a PopStop®, you’ll have the perfect way to stop your vehicles and enjoy a graphic message over and over!  Simply put, they’re the best garage parking aid available.  You’ll find the same spot in your garage each and every time you park.  What’s more?  PopStops® feature high quality graphics printed with advanced UV inks.  That means your graphic inserts are photo-quality and made to last! PopStops® inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene and perfect for demand garage environments Graphic Inserts are sold separately unless specified otherwise!

This provides Signarama with a wide range of new business to business markets, such as realtors, using them for house warming presents for their customers.  Many realtors will provide their clients a “customized” PopStops® Garage Stop with their names on the graphic and the “closing date” on their new home.  A $300 gift basket is never going to mean as much or last nearly as long! 

Golf Courses love our new “end cap cleats” to use for the 12″ sized PopStops®  used for “Tee Boxes” with custom branding messages for sponsors and benefactors alike throughout each charity golf tournament.  Best of all, you get to sell additional graphics year in and year out for each additional set of units you provide each golf course. 

Real Estate developers should be providing units for every new homeowner as part of their standard sales pitch!

The list of options is unlimited! There are 25 brochures per package.

The special "Signarama" logo branded version of the PopStops® Garage Stops Rack Card shows customers that your store is one of our very special retailers carrying this exciting product!  Our special product line like no other on the market today.  This product provides every Signarama with a tool in their arsenal that can gain them access to customers that they might not otherwise be able to reach.  Plus, once there, this is a product with recurring revenue over and over for years to come!

Don't run out of custom brochures, get them here on-line with your special login credentials on the PopStops® web site!

This large 8.5" x 11" brochure is four pages and covers a wide range of PopStops® products including the patented PopStops® Retail Display Systems!

Do you need to add the matching PopStop Garage Stop?

($110 per garage stop)