Signarama Rack Cards (PopStops for Pets)

Our patented “sidewalk advertising system” can be used in virtually any city or neighborhood in the country!  This 12″ wide PopStops® for Pets set includes one of our default Graphic Insert Sets as a way to drive traffic into any bar, restaurant, office or store location. Or, customers can turn it into a profit center by advertising their products or services for other companies and/or brands.

The large panel for display purposes is ideal for eye catching messages that companies to engage people as they walk by, whether they have a pet or not.  Of course, if they do, while the animal is catching a nice sip of fresh water, there is no way anyone can’t look down and read your message!  It’s impossible!

Best of all, if they have daily specials or offers that they want to promote, this panel can be changed in ten seconds or less!  We offer special print program plans that will allow users to update their graphic inserts and keep their messages fresh and current on virtually any type of schedule they can imagine!

There are 25 PopStops® for Pets rack cards per package.

The special "Signarama" logo branded version of the PopStops® for Pets Rack Card shows customers that your store is one of our very special retailers carrying this exciting product!  Our special "Billboards for your best friend" is a product line like no other on the market today.  This product provides every Signarama with a tool in their arsenal that can gain them access to customers that they might not otherwise be able to reach.  Plus, once there, this is a product with recurring revenue over and over for years to come!

Don't run out of these specialized brochures just for Signarama stores! Get them here on-line with your special login credentials on the PopStops® web site!

Do you need to add the matching PopStop Garage Stop?

($110 per garage stop)