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Our Program Allows You To make 40% On Each Order!

Popstops® are a new and innovative parking aids for use in your home garage. With a Popstops® you’ll have the prefect way to stop your vehicles and enjoy a graphic message over and over!

Simply put they’re the best parking aid available. You’ll find the some spot in your garage each and every time you park. What’s more? PopStops® features high quality graphics printed with advanced UV inks. This means your graphics inserts are photo-quality and made to last! PopStops® inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene and perfect for demand garage environments.

What Makes A PopStops®

Program Summary

As a Referring Agent, you have the option to have PopStops® ship orders to you for delivery to your customer or we can “drop ship” directly to your customer on your behalf. Your choice! We make it easy for you to succeed in earning more money! No matter what else you may be doing in your career or business, there are literally millions of homes with garages and vehicles that need protecting!

What better way than with a patented PopStops® with either stock or personalized messages! That’s the power of a PopStops®! Referring Agents earn forty percent (40%) commission on each and every sale! As a lifetime product, the ability to keep earning money with PopStops® with additional Graphic Inserts sales is limitless.

The PopStops® Garage Stop product line features our 12″, 18″, 36″ and 48″ wide Garage Stops. It only takes one unit to safely stop a car in a garage. The difference is in the target width for the person parking the vehicle. In a single car garage, with very little wiggle room (left to right) to park the car, the 12″ and 18″ units are perfect.

In a two-car garage, where there is far more room to miss (left to right), that’s where the 18″ and 36″ units excel! We created the 48″ units mostly for golfers who wanted a bigger message size for their golf carts. The key to a PopStops® is the simplicity of simply setting it down. There is no installation required!

No attachments, no glue or adhesive, just align it where you want it and you’re done! If you change vehicles and it has a different wheel base, just pick it up and move it where the new tires align. It’s that simple!

Sell PopStops® wherever you go and make sure to always have an 18″ Garage Stop sample with you to show potential customers. Demonstrating it to a customer is everything! Placing it on the floor and having the customer put their foot on the top of the unit gives them a clear understanding of how the patented unit stops their car when the tire comes down on the unit and the pressure is felt behind the steering wheel. The sense of security in knowing that the vehicle has stopped in the right place each and every time is a big relief for anyone parking in a garage!

When a customer feels the strength of the extruded aluminum, they’ll know why PopStops® are a “lifetime product” and built to last! Remember, “A Tennis Ball Won’t Stop your Car!” That’s why we recommend carrying our 18″ wide unit for sales calls. It’s lightweight, portable and is great for personal demonstrations.

Program Requirements

For this program, we have created special pricing to get you started. We’re providing you with a special fifty-five (55%) percent discount on your portable sales sample! You have to be able to show customers how the product works to have them understand what you’re talking about. To participate, you’ll need to purchase just one (1) sample unit to qualify to participate in the Referring Agentprogram. You can sell any of the product sizes, as the following table illustrates.

Retail Price PopStops® Garage Stops Combos Start Up
$ 99.5 12″ Popstops® Garage Stop & Graphics Set N/A $ 39.98
$159.95 18″ Popstops® Garage Stop & Graphics Set $ 71.98 $ 63.98
$199.95 36″ Popstops® Garage Stop & Graphics Set N/A $ 79.98
$249.95 48″ Popstops® Garage Stop & Graphics Set N/A $ 99.98

*Licensed Graphic variations sells for higher pricing and thus, higher commissions.


There are no sales quotas and you can process all orders directly through the PopStops® website ( You don’t need a Sales Tax Number, plus we handle all credit card processing for your customers. We will provide you with an initial supply of Sales Order Forms to use in the field along with catalogs of available graphic inserts for the various-sized products. You can place orders on-line under your account or simply e-mail orders to [email protected] or fax them to 800-708-9336 for us to process them for you.

Our e-commerce site will allow you to enter the customer’s shipping and payment information directly into the shopping cart system as a different “Ship To” address under your login and will prompt you for your “Referral ID” when you sign in. You make sure that you, or your customer, enter your “Referral ID.” This insures you get paid for each and every order on the 5 th day of the next month.

You just can’t sell PopStops® on or other websites where PopStops® products are already sold. You can sell PopStops® on your website, if you have one! We’ll be happy to drop ship to your customers for you if you do! It’s just that easy!

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When you sell your third PopStops® unit (any size), we’ll credit your credit card for your original Sample Purchase Amount! You get an 18″ PopStops® Free Sample Unit!!
(Limit 1 free sample per customer)