Time for a Spring Cleaning in Your Garage

Mar 28, 2019

It’s that time of the year for your annual spring cleaning. Sure, there are windows, screens, and gutters. This year, consider your garage instead and enjoy your perfect working/storage place all year. Some call it a man cave; others call it their sanctuary. Call it what you like, here are some simple steps to make your garage a place for comfort and productivity.

Start with a Clean Slate

Nothing’s better than a fresh start, so the best way to begin your garage’s facelift is by decluttering and cleaning. Get rid of the junk lining the walls. And, the collection of random nuts and bolts that serve no purpose. Take the car out for a wash and vacuum. If you find things you want to keep or put on display, move them out of the way for now so you can scrub down the whole area. Sweep the floor, degrease the stains on the concrete, and maybe even give it a good pressure wash. Whatever your preference for cleaning, it’ll make the garage feel brand new once you’re done.

Store and Organize

Now that everything’s out of your way and you have a blank canvas to work with, assess what you plan on storing in the garage. What kind of storage system will work best for your needs? Home improvement stores have endless options for garage storage, like shelving, drawers and even ways to make use of ceiling space. When it’s time to pull the cars back in, consider a system made specifically for keeping them in the right spot as well- PopStops® is the perfect solution for stopping your car. This will ensure you don’t do any damage to your newly finished garage!

Customize and Decorate

Save the fun part for last, decking out your space with personalized features to set it apart from every other garage. PopStops® is not only an excellent system for keeping your car in the right place, but it’s also attractive and customizable with all types of graphics available. Put something meaningful on display by creating a “made-to-order” message and show it off to friends and family. The Busted Knuckle Garage has partnered with PopStops® as well to provide you with even more garage décor. Consider the amount of time you’ll spend in this space, you’re going to want it to look good in order to feel comfortable.

Time to enjoy your new favorite space. Anytime you’re looking to change things up, you can order a new, custom-made PopStops® Graphic Insert to switch out with your old one. Add a PopStops® to your garage today at www.popstops.com!