Why are PopStops® Important?

Aug 28, 2019

PopStops® are new and innovative parking aids for your home garage. It’s the perfect way to stop your vehicle in style. There are so many great perks about having a PopStop® in your garage that it would be remiss of you to not have one. To make it easy, we’ve condensed the best features into a quick list that shows the top five reasons to get a PopStop® today!

Number 5: Totally customizable

You are unique! Your garage should be, too. PopStops® are a great way to show off your style. You get to enjoy a graphic message over and over, every time you park! These graphics are photo-quality, printed with advanced inks and made to last. Personalize it however you want- whether it’s a warm greeting, your favorite football team or a design created by the talented Busted Knuckle Garage to show your passion for cars.

Number 4: Looks great

Why hang an unsightly tennis ball from the ceiling when you could add some flair to your garage with an effective parking aid that also looks great? Plus, a tennis ball won’t actually stop your car! Anyone who walks into your garage is bound to ask about it, and it’ll set you apart! You’re far above any cheap rubber stopper- you’ve got a sleek and customizable PopStops®.

Number 3: Easy to use

If you’re looking for an easy way to park in the right spot each and every time, then PopStops® are for you. This is the simplest solution that works every time. Both lightweight and portable, PopStops® are perfect not only for your home garage, but also to take tailgating. There’s no permanent attachment and it has no sticky adhesive that ruins the garage floor. No other solution is as reliably, sturdy, but also effortlessly movable.

Number 2: High-quality

PopStops® are an investment that you certainly won’t regret. Our parking aids are built to last a lifetime and the graphic inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene as well. Altogether, they’re designed specifically for demanding garage environments. Not to mention, their durability is matched by the ease of installation, since there is none! Just place the PopStop® right where you want it, and you’ll park in the same spot every time. And, it comes with a handy peel able floor decal that you can place alongside of the unit to remind you where you perfectly positioned the unit. Then, you can pick it up, sweep out the garage and return it right to where you determined was your perfect location!

Number 1: Peace of mind when you park

PopStops® are designed to stop your car, golf cart, motorcycle, trailer or any other vehicle. Most importantly, it’s a way to park accurately, every time, right where you want. The precision of parking is topped only by the assured knowledge that your PopStop® will safely stop your car. No tennis ball can do that! Having a reliable way to park is more important in your home garage than anywhere else. Accidents happen and repairing bumper damage can cost anywhere from $350 – $1000. Repairing a damaged garage wall can be even worse. Depending on what all inside the wall must be replaced, it could cost you thousands. What’s the easiest way to avoid this problem? Preventing it in the first place with a dependable PopStop®.

Stop your car, display your message – PopStops® are perfect for your garage!