Golf Courses & Tournaments


PopStops® are perfect for use on golf courses. A great way to mark tee boxes with the sponsor information for tournaments, or just branding for the gold course. The PopStops® comes in different sizes from the 12″ Wheel Chock to the 18″, 36″ and 72″ Garage Stop. For use on Golf Courses we have developed removable spikes to keep the unit in place throughout the entire day. Theses units all come with two removable graphics that are easily changed to match the tournament and sponsor. This help to make sure your sponsors are visible and are very easily featured in photographs of the players teeing off.


PopStops® Garage Stops also make the perfect accessory for the golf cart owner. Just as with a car the Garage Stop will stop your golf cart in the perfect parking position every time, allowing you to better utilize your garage space and keep all of your equipment safe. Personalize the graphic inserts to take the next step in making your garage space truely your own.