Garage Experts (Split Ad) – PopStops for Pets (Universal Sidewalk Advertising System)


This combo set includes a left and right mounted bowl for a 12″ PopStops® for Pets unit and Garage Experts “Split Ad” Graphic Insert set. With this universal sidewalk advertising system, you can configure this system in any manner you choose, depending on the environment in which you elect to place it at any given time!  For busier events or locations, use both water bowls to keep the water flow coming! 

When your unit is located next to a door that swings to the right?  Use the left mounted bracket to put the water bowl away from the doorway and your ad closer to the door!  Use the same methodology for the other side.  Configure the system any way you need.  Everything is included in one neat package!  Two small phillips heads screws allow you to easily make the minor adjustments to the three standard variations!

PopStops® for Pets, the ultimate Unversal Sidewalk Advertising System!

The Graphic Insert messages are:

Large Panel: Does Your Garage Need A Makeover? FREE ESTIMATES / PARTNER AD PLACEMENT HERE

Small Panel:  GARAGE EXPERTS® / YOUR INFO HERE / We Love Our 4-Legged Friends!

PopStops® for Pets is the latest innovation in "sidewalk" advertising and viral marketing. Across America, more cities are becoming pet-friendly and open to pets being in public areas, not just parks. In most major cities, you can’t walk down the sidewalk without seeing a watering bowl.So why not capitalize on that foot traffic? The best part is, even if someone doesn't have a pet, they can't miss PopStops® for Pets!

Tell your customers that you too are "Pet Friendly" with a PopStops® for Pets


  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Attract customers without a pet
  • Custom deigns and personalization
  • Inexpensive advertising opportunity

This 12" wide PopStops® for Pets unit is a great way to drive traffic into a bar, restaurant, office or store location. Our Pet Friendly Sidewalk Advertising system can generate sales leads for you by allowing you reach customers at a very low cost by advertising your products and services in places with high foot traffic where the walk, shop and eat. 

The large panel for display purposes is ideal for eye catching messages that allow you to engage people as they walk by, whether they have a pet or not.  Of course, if they do, while the animal is catching a nice sip of fresh water, there is no way anyone can't look down and read your message!  It's impossible!

Best of all, if you partner with a local retailer or restauranteur, you have someone to manage your unit and insure that there's always water in your bowls.  if they have daily specials or offers that they want to promote, this panel can be changed in ten seconds or less!  We offer special subscription-based plans that will allow you to update your graphic inserts, creating split ads for you and them while you keep your messages fresh and current on virtually any type of schedule you can imagine!

This unit includes both the left and right side mounts, so depending on where the door is positioned, you may want the water bowl further away. Thus, any animal who is drinking water will be out of the way of pedestrian traffic.  Set it up as a single bowl configuration or a double bowl setup depending on the amount of animal traffic expected!  That's why it is sold as a universal kit.  Configure it just as you need it for a specific space or event!

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