PopStops 12″ Garage Stop – Unit

The 12″ patented PopStops® Garage Stop is a new and innovative parking aid for your home garage. With a PopStops®, you have the perfect way to stop your vehicles and enjoy a graphic message over and over! Simply put, they’re the best garage parking aid available. You’ll find the same spot in your garage each and every time you park. What’s more? PopStops® feature high quality graphics printed with advanced UV inks. That means your graphic inserts are photo-quality and made to last! PopStops® inserts are made of durable industrial-grade polystyrene and perfect for demand garage environments.

Gone are the days of using the unsightly tennis ball and a string or cheap rubber car stops. PopStops® look great, are portable, require no permanent attachment, and most importantly, give you a great sense of comfort each time you park your vehicle.

Included in your purchase:

  • 12″ Garage Stop
  • 2 – End Caps with screws
  • PopStops® Placement Sticker
  • Get Started 
  • Warranty Information
  • Warranty Mail-In Card


  • Park in the right place every time
  • A tennis ball won't stop your car
  • Made of High-Quality Aluminum
  • Built to Last a Lifetime
  • Easy-to-change graphics
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Requires no permanent attachment
  • Personalized and Customized Graphics
  • No sticky adhesive to ruin your garage floor

Our tagline, "Stop Your Car, Display Your Message!" means exactly that. There is no limit to how many messages you can display on your PopStops® and your only limitation is your imagination.

  • PopStops® Garage Stops are NOT intended for parking lot use.

Do you need to add the matching PopStop Garage Stop?

($110 per garage stop)